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Treatment Type/Size
The characteristics of the treated buffs

Let’s extend a buff’s life. Extend 25% ~ 100% absolutely.
Why do you need treated buffs?
1. Increase the endurance of buffs by enforcing fiber.
2. Increase the polishing efficiency by providing hardness.
3. Increase "Polishing compound holding efficiency" of buffs.
4. Increase burning resistant by preventing buffs from overheating during operation.
< Kinds of treated buffs (Processing of untreated buffs with resin) >
Treatment Characteristics
Great hardness. Excellent polishing compounds retention and cutting. Long product life. Most suitable for high pressing load polishing.
Golden Hard
Harder than "Golden". Excellent polishing compounds retention.
First *
Effective for Bias Sisal Buff. Long product life with hardness.
No change of hardness by polishing heat. Good polishing compounds adhesion to buffs. Long product life.
Most general treatment for Sisal Buffs. Moderate hardness. Excellent polishing compounds retention. Improved polishing efficiency.
Super Yellow
Suitable for Sisal Buffs. Relatively hard treatment for steel / stainless steel mainly.
Suitable for Cloth Buffs. Effective for product life extencion.
Same as Violet, however a bit dry. Effective for removal of grinding chips. Efficient for non-ferrous metals polishing. Suitable for Cloth Buffs.
No stickiness. Suitable for brass / diecast polishing.
Super Green
Suitable for Sisal Buffs. Soft treatment with conformability for non-ferrous matals.
Big Red
Excellent polishing compounds retention. Soft and good conformability. With treatment for Sisal Buffs, excellent conformability and great finishing. Most suitable for middle finishing.
Modelate hardness, a bit greasy. Good Iubrication effect and grinding chips removal effect. Most suitable for non-ferrous metals polishing.
        * "First" is clear treatment, so it may look like a no treated buff

Black Golden
First Blue Golden Super
Pink Orange Green Super
Violet Un-
Open Double Cloth
Bias Sisal Buff
Wave Sisal Buff *                
Double Sisal Buff *                
Bias Sisal Buff *                    
Wide Finger Sisal Buff *                  
Unit Cord Sisal Buff *                  
Unit Sisal Buff *                    
Bias Cloth Buff *      
Pleated Bias Cloth Buff *                  
Open Face Bias Cloth Buff * Usually used without treatment.
Flannel Bias Cloth Buff *
Spiral Sewed Cloth Buff
Loose Cloth Buff
Flannel Loose Cloth Buff
: Popular
* : Use with special flange
Instructions for use

1. Peripheral speed of buffs
The peripheral speed of our treated buffs exercises maximum efficiency at 2400~2700m/min in normal case. Our treated buffs show more efficiency than the untreated buffs when they are used at low speed since their cutting power is enhanced by our unique treatment effect.

2. Polishing pressure of buffs
Since the polishing ability of buffs can be increased by our buff treatment, our buffs' polishing effect exercises fully even at lower polishing pressure. This is a factor to increase the life of buffs, and also to reduce operational fatigue of manual polishing.

3. Specifications of Koyo Bias Buffs with metal center plate

Outside diameter
Diameter of metal
center plate
200 75
12.7 25.4
19.1 31.8
22.2 38.1
300 125
25.4 50.8
31.8 76.2
400 175
25.4 50.8
31.8 76.2
38.1 101.6

4. Flange (Saucer type)
photo image For bias buffs with 75mm metal center plate :
105mm (Outside diameter of flange)
For bias buffs with 125mm metal center plate :
165mm (Outside diameter of flange)
For bias buffs with 175mm metal center plate :
215mm (Outside diameter of flange)

* Flat type of flanges are also available.
* For bias buffs with 45mm metal center plate, only flat type of flanges are available.
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