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KOYO’s buffs Complying with various needs
It is necessary for you to choose a right buff for your work

Why is it necessary for you to choose a right buff for your work

Modern finishing influences not only a product’s appearance, but also its functional value and price. Every finishing operation is a step toward producing a salable item … and profits. The increasing complexity of contours to be finished plus constant advances in buff design and automatic machinery have changed buffing from an art to a science. Modern high-speed buffs are precision production tools, which are used in a wide range of applications. The right buff can increase production rates, reduce per unit cost, and produce a better finish.
The characteristics of bias buffs

1. As the Koyo’s bias buffs made of long bias cloth cut by 45 degree, tip of cotton thread on circumference cuts and no run of thread. Besides, the condition of run of thread on circumference is quite same. As a consequence, long life can be expected with constant wear comparing with the buff used conventional drill (cloth). Therefore, it is especially less number of adjustments for automatic machine and it is not only sanitary but also prevent from wear of machines.
2. Koyo’s bias buff is formed with multiple layered pleats. By changing the length of its cloth, the hardness of buff can be adjusted. Also the pleats hold more polishing compounds, and leave less buff scratches.
3. As the Koyo’s buffs possess a center clip for better ventilation, the workpiece is fully cooled and burns are decreased. By the above mentioned various characteristics, the Koyo’s buffs can polish with a low polishing pressure with a high speed revolution so that a reduction in polishing time, evenness of the polishing surface, so called working efficiency and stability of quality can be obtained effectively.
< Max. revolution speed for buffs >
Use buffs within the range of Max. revolution speed which is indicated in seal of each buff because of the difference of rotational strength by the structure of buffs and kinds.

< Max. revolution speed for buffs (rpm) >
Buff Size
O.D. × I.D.
Open Face
Cloth Buff
Cloth Buff
Cloth Buff
Cloth Buff
Open Double
Cloth Bias
Sisal Buff
Sisal Buff
Sisal Buff
Wide Finger
Sisal BuffF
Unit Cord
Sisal Buff
230×45     2600            
200×75 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000     3000 3000
230×75   3000 3000   3000       3000
250×75 3000 3000 3000   2600     3000 3000
300×75 2500 3000 2600            
300×125 2600 3000 3000 2600 2600 2600 2600 3000 3000
350×125 2600 3000 3000 2600 2600 2600 2600 2600 3000
400×125 2500 2600 2600 2600 2500   2500    
350×175 2600   3000 3000 3000     2600 3000
400×175 2500 2600 2600 2600 2600   2600 2600 2600
450×175 2200 2600 2500   2400   2300 2400  
* O.D. : Outside diameter
    I.D. : Inside diameter
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