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Accumulated know-how and futuristic technology for the future of polishing

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Kazuo Yamazaki, C.E.O. & President
Many products surrounding us are “polished”, for example from a piece of pin to a space shuttle.
When did the action of ‘polish’ for our daily living start?

The action of ‘polishing’ is said to be one of human instincts, and it dates back to the days of pre-historic age. According to archeologic record, the history of polish has its roots in early Paleolithic when Neanderthaler sharpened stone axe with polishing stone of sandstone. They say In Japan also, from time immemorial, people have had polishing technologies for metal mirror, needle, and bangle. Since then, the field of ‘polish’ has been developing along with a progress of civilization over the centuries.

Our company is established in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo in 1926 and later moved to Adachi-ku, Tokyo. Then our plant started to move to Taishin, Shirakawa-shi from 1990 (We accomplished the move in 2002) and hitherto existing. We earnestly have produced polishing materials, and we are willing to contribute to make an affluent society with our Know-how and accumulated technology based on our experiences.
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