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Aug. 1926 Established at Ogu, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo by Mr. Hajime Bekki
Dec. 1934 Moved to Odai, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Jun. 1954 Designated as a factory who can indicate JIS code to products
(JIS = Japanese Industrial Standards)
Apr. 1974 Completion of Koyo-Sha Bldg. (current Tokyo business office)
May 1981 Mr. Hiromu Bekki, the son of founder became Managing Director, President.
Jan. 1990 Opened Shirakawa factory in Shirakawa-city, Fukushima
Jun. 2000 Head office moved to Shirakawa-city, Fukushima
May 2001 Mr. Toshihiko Yui became C.E.O. & President.
Sep. 2001 Acquired The Certification of ISO 9001
Oct. 2002 Completed the full relocation of factory from Tokyo to Shirakawa.
Apr. 2005 Opened Osaka Sales Office
Oct. 2006 Acquired The Certification of ISO 14001
May 2009 Mr. Kazuo Yamazaki became C.E.O. & President.
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