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Consumer Products
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Super Cleaning Cloth Linetclean
For Crystal Glass (Blue, 30cm x 38cm)
For Piano, Hi-Grade Furniture (Red, 28cm x 30cm)
For Jewel, Precious Metal, Accessories
(Yellow, 15cm x 23cm, 2 sheets)
< Particularities >
* Ultra fine fibers Wipe off dust and dirt thoroughly.
* High water / Oil absorbability.
* Soft and supple touch
* It does not leave its lint (dust or fiber) on articles.
* It dries quickly.
* It keeps constant effect even after being washed repeatedly.
* It does not contain any abrasives.
< Applications >
* For Crystal Glass - Wiping off cloud and dirt of crystal glass, lacquer ware, and hi-grade tableware.
* For Piano, Hi-Grade Furniture - Wiping off dust and dirt of instrument (piano, guitar, and etc.) and hi-grade furnitures.
* For Jewel, Precious Metal, Accessories - Wiping off dust and dirt on intricate surface of valuables (jewel, precious metal, accessories, and etc.)
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Use example
Pearl Buffing Cloth
< Particularities >
* Raised ultrafine fibers remove dirt and grease on pearls.
* Lustering wax gives protection and natural luster of pearl surfaces.
* Also has the same effects for resin pearls, jewelry and precious metals.
* Both sides can be used.
* No abrasives contained.
< Cautions >
* If foreign objects are attached to pearls, it can give scratches to them. Please use it after testing in advance.
* Do not use for other purposes especially for lenses (of eyeglasses and cameras) or optical goods such as and CDs because this cloth has a film forming effect.
* This cloth is not rinsable since the lustering component dissolves in water.
Product Name Size
Pearl Buffing Cloth 195 x 250mm 1 sheet/package
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Wiping Cloth
*Wiping Cloth ( Ivory, sheet size :125mm x 195mm, 1 sheet/package )
< Particularities >
* Soft Ultra fine fibers wipe dust and dirt powerfully without leaving.
* Wiping Cloth does not contain abrasives.
< Applications >
* Removes oil films on eyeglasses, camera lenses and mirrors.
* Also suitable for dry wiping after polishing with compounds.
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