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Buffing and Polishing Compounds
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Metal Cleaner
Alkali defatting agent For infiltration.
< Use Conditions of Metal Cleaner >
Type Per box Application Concentration (g/L) Temperature (°C) Time (minute)
Koyo Special 20kg Steel 50 60~80 2~3
Nonferrous metal 20~30 60~80 2~3
Hikari #200 15kg Copperbrass 20~30 40~60 2~10
Hikari #300 15kg Die-Cast 20 60~65 4~8
* HIKARI #200 and HIKARI #300 neither affect nor distain the gloss surface since they contain particular kind of Alkali attack inhibitor. Especially, HIKARI #300 is an epoch-making product which can be used for die-cast products safely, has powerful degreasing ability even toward mineral oil, thus can save conventional degreasing step with trichloroethylene.
* There is no reattachment of grease to the degreased metal surface.
* Please adjust liquid concentration and immersion time according to the kind and level of grease.
* In case Metal cleaner gets dirty and the degreasing power declines, it is better to replace whole liquid instead of adding Metal cleaner.
* There is not reattached sapareate dirt for metal surface of after defatting.
* Please adjust liquid concentration and washing time by the kind of dirt and degree.
* In case Metal cleaner is dirt and the defatting power is cut down-change a new Metal cleaner is better than add Metal cleaner.
* Since Metal cleaner has hygroscopic nature, please seal up after use.
< e.g. Bright Nickel plating after alkali degreasing of Zing Die-cast >

Degreasing agent Hikari #300
Concentration 2%(20g/L)
Temperature 60~65°C
Time 4~8minutes
* Please give sufficient time for degreasing since Metal cleaner is not corrosive
* If you can have steps of water rinsing and neutralization after degreasing, an ideal plating can be obtained.
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