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How to use
New Sunlite
For aluminium (Purple label : 100g)
For copper.brass (Green label : 100g)
For stainless steel (Blue label : 100g)
For plastics (Ivory label : 100g)
For removing dirt (Wine red label : 100g)
< Particularities >
* Smell fresh type without bad smell (petrolic smell) like conventional products.
* It brings original fine luster back to your articles by removing tough dirt (Cigarette tar and etc.), rust, and scratches thoroughly.
* Best suited cleaner for day-to-day cleaning.
* Put a good amount of this compound on soft cloth, and then polish like rubbing by tip of a finger.
* Wipe well with an another dry cloth after polishing.
< Applications >
Door knob, Various types of knobs, Handrail, Sash, Buddhist objects, Golf clubs, Table ware, Sink cabinet, Telephone, Paintwork of Home electric appliances (Refrigerator, Microwave,and etc.), Plastic bath (FRP), and Others (removing dirt and polishing & lustering).
< Cautions >
* Do not use it against :
New articles and articles as lustrous as new.
Soft resinous products. For example, Polypropylene, and etc.
Optical lenses. For example, Glasses, Camera, and etc.
* Use it with gloves, in the case of a person who has sensitive skin.
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