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1 Bias Cloth Buff M-O
18 Wave Sisal Buff
2 Bias Cloth Buff M-2
19 Bias Sisal Buff First
3 Bias Cloth Buff M-4 Violet
20 Unit Sisal Buff
4 Bias Cloth Buff M-6 Pink
21 Unit Cord Sisal Buff Black
5 Bias Cloth Buff M-8
22 Disc Sisal Buff
6 Open Face Bias Cloth Buff
23 Wide Finger Sisal Buff A-Type Golden
7 Flannel Loose Cloth Buff
24 Wide Finger Sisal Buff B-Type Big Red
8 Spiral Sewed Cloth Buff M
25 Wide Finger Sisal Buff C-Type Green
9 Unit Bias Cloth Buff AZ
26 Cord Sisal Buff
10 Unit Bias Cloth Buff CZ
27 Color Satin Buff A-Coarse
11 Unit Bias Cloth Buff M
28 Color Satin Buff A-Medium
12 Pleated Bias Cloth Buff
29 Color Satin Buff A-Fine
13 Flannel Bias Cloth Buff
30 Color Satin Buff A-Very Fine
14 Loose Cloth Buff C
31 New Felt Buff (Chromium Type)
15 Loose Cloth Buff M
32 New Felt Buff (Aluminum Oxide Type)
16 Open Double Cloth Bias Sisal Buff
33 New Felt with Shaft
17 Double Sisal Buff
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